Sta. Rosa Garden Villas Phase 6 - AMENITIES

Undoubtedly, Sta. Rosa Garden Villa III Phase 6 is a place where comfort, convenience and security were affordably packed as one.

Comfort. The place is distanced from the usual noise of the streets within a deep man-made mini forest of tall green trees. Day in and day out, the soothing coolness of the breeze is absolutely FREE for everybody to enjoy. You can go to work refreshed and you can come home to a clean & decent place you can call home.

Convenience. With a long list of available schools, malls, churches, hospitals, banks and other extremely important offices, one can conveniently purchase daily family needs like foods, basic commodities and clothing. Schools are of equal importance because these are the places where we decide to re-enroll the children. Everything seems within easy reach and that means convenience for everyone. SaveMore is located within the compound of Sta. Garden Villas, with free rides from the store to individual houses.

Security. The entire Sta. Rosa Garden Villa III Phase 6 is gated with entrance and exit gates being monitored regularly. The perimeters are secured with walls to exclude non-residents from coming in. The exclusivity of the place is fully secured and every home’s privacy is fully protected with utmost diligence.

Added to these great features are in-house amenities and facilities that would allow families and residents to enjoy life with utmost comfort:


  • Park and Children’s Playground
  • Clubhouse & Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Adult Swimming Pools & Kiddie Pools
  • Jogging Paths around parks and gardens
  • Open Lawns for Family and Outdoor Activities
  • In-house Mall – SaveMore with free short transport services within the community
  • In-house Terminal for easy transport & shuttling of residents from within the Villa to Manila
  • Concrete Sidewalks and wider access roads
  • Centralized Water System to ensure that every resident is covered with equal water pressure
  • Elevated Site for a flood free environment
  • With a huge underground drainage system
  • Meralco Power Lines

We are offering a great deal of packages that might fit your needs and requirements to upgrade your current residence. If you are going to contact us today, via live chat or by phone, we will be very happy to discuss available options based on your specific requirements and financial capacity. We have a team of hard working agents who are on standby 24/7 for any inquiry regarding this property. We assist clients who want to acquire these properties either in full cash, through bank loans, PAG-IBIG or in-house assistance. If you have been renting a house or a space for your family, it’s time to re-consider your options. We are offering Rent to Own (RTO) and Ready for Occupancy (RFO) units. By renting your current space, you get nothing after years or paying. You will end up bankrupt and your children will not have a common place they can call home. With our client friendly schemes, you get the real value of every penny that you drop as rental fee every month. Check these options with one of our live chat representatives, we will be very happy to assist you.

  • Concrete Sidewalk
  • Park and Playground
  • Multi Purpose Clubhouse
  • Centralized Water System
  • Underground Drainage System
  • MERALCO Power Lines
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