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The best part of living in Sta. Rosa Garden Villas III Phase 6 are the free things that you get out of what you actually paid for to have a new domicile. Here, you will have the chance of getting one of the best priced packages we offer. On top of that, you and your family are entitles to enjoy the pollution free air and the superb rural ambiance, you get to live in a place where naturally clean air provides a healthier oxygen supply for your children to breathe in, you also get to enjoy the convenience of being in the middle of all the things you need and you get to enjoy the freedom of living life to the fullest without bleeding your pocket to nothing.

This community, by far, offers one of the cheapest packages you’ll ever see in the market today. Properties here are available starting Php 800k pesos up. With others, you’ll times 5 of this amount as their lowest price. DDC literally provided the amenities and other similar facilities on their own expense, nothing is added to the amount the residents are paying. That’s an entirely big difference.

Going to and from Metro Manila is not entirely a problem because Sta. Rosa Garden Villas has its own terminal to shuttle residents in and out of the place. If you feel that your schooling children needed to be transferred, you’ll never have any problem putting them on new schools because there are lot of good academic institutions to choose from near Sta. Rosa Garden.

If you believe that this place qualifies to be your new home, do let us know so we can assist you with any means possible. We are here 24/7 ready to assist you.

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